Exim Internet Mailer

Documentation for Exim

Exim has a set of documentation released with it. A text file of the main documentation is released as part of the Exim tar archive. Additionally, postscript and texinfo forms of the documentation are available in separate tar archives on the ftp sites. There is also a book.

User supported documentation, FAQs and hints can be found in the wiki.

There are 3 main sets of documentation for Exim, all of which are also available below in html form.

The main user and configuration manual is the specification document

The Exim Specification - Version 4.98 (HTML) (PDF) - The master documentation for Exim containing all required detail to install, configure and use Exim. Changes to the documentation (normally reflecting changes to the functionality of Exim) are shown on a green background like this segment.

The Exim Filter Specification - Version 4.98 (HTML) (PDF) - Additional information on the Exim filter language.

HOWTO Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The wikified FAQ for Exim 4 can be found here. The FAQ for the obsolete Exim 3 releases can be found on the FTP site - see the download pages.

Copies of Documentation

Copies of the main Exim documentation in HTML format as used on this site in a compressed tar file are available from the main download site.(see file exim-html-*).