The Exim FAQ

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Q1201:  When I run fetchmail, I get the error SMTP listener doesn't like recipient address xxx@localhost.

A1201:  Make sure that localhost is recognized as a domain that is to be delivered locally. If you are using the default Exim run time configuration, you'll see a line near the top like this:

   domainlist local_domains = @

Change it to

   domainlist local_domains = @ : localhost

Q1202:  I'm currently using Exim with fetchmail and I'd like to use the RBL on Exim, but will it work? Do I need to configure fetchmail any particular way? As far as Exim knows, all mail is coming from Will it check the source address against RBL? Or will it check the From: header?

A1202:  It will check (not very useful). The point of the RBL is to keep messages from black-listed hosts out of your machine. If you are using fetchmail, you have got the messages into your machine before you approach Exim. That kind of defeats the purpose of the RBL. The right way to do this would be for the host from which you fetch your mail to do the RBL checking and insert some kind of warning header for you to test, as Exim does if you run RBL checks in warning mode.

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