The Exim FAQ

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Q1101:  How do I set up Majordomo to work with Exim?

A1101:  Users have found several ways of setting up Exim for use with Majordomo. One way has been documented at

Somewhere in the Majordomo docs or FAQ it mentions using batchmail or other additional programs to improve the performance of large lists. They are not needed with Exim, and their use can actually make things worse. However, it's a good idea to set remote_max_parallel to a value greater than 1 in the Exim configuration.

Q1102:  I have set $mailer in, but it still isn't setting the sender correctly in the messages it sends.

A1102:  Make sure you have got the quoting correct in the $mailer setting. For example,

   $mailer = "$sendmail_command -oi -oee -f$sender\";

is not correct. It needs three backslashes, not one, and the $ at the start of $sender has to be escaped with a backslash.

Q1103:  I'm trying to set up majordomo, but I'm getting a wrong mode error when I try to send it mail.

A1103:  Check the mode of /var/lib/majordomo/lists/lists.aliases and compare it with the setting of the modemask option in the Majordomo aliases router. This option specifies bits which must not be set for the alias file, and it defaults to 022.

Q1104:  I'm getting return code 9 from /home/majordomo/majordomo-1.94.4/wrapper when it is passed a message from Exim.

A1104:  A problem like this turned out to be the Perl version that came with RedHat 5.2. Rebuilding Perl 5.005x solved it.

Q1105:  Exim is complaining about an invalid command line when Majordomo tries to send it a message for delivery.

A1105:  Take a look at your file, It should have something that looks like

   $sendmail_command = "/usr/lib/sendmail";

and another line like

   $mailer = "$sendmail_command -oi -oee -f\$sender";

If you have modified resend (one of the majordomo programs) to use $sendmail_command instead of $mailer you will be calling Exim with no command line arguments.

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