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Sat Feb 24 21:39:21 2007 UTC (8 years, 2 months ago) by nigel
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Load pcre-3.0 into code/trunk.

1 nigel 41 Compiling PCRE on non-Unix systems
2     ----------------------------------
4     If you want to compile PCRE for a non-Unix system, note that it consists
5     entirely of code written in Standard C, and so should compile successfully
6     on any machine with a Standard C compiler and library, using normal compiling
7     commands to do the following:
9 nigel 43 (1) Copy or rename the file config.in as config.h, and change the macros that
10     define HAVE_STRERROR and HAVE_MEMMOVE to define them as 1 rather than 0.
11     Unfortunately, because of the way Unix autoconf works, the default setting has
12     to be 0.
13 nigel 41
14 nigel 43 (2) Copy or rename the file pcre.in as pcre.h, and change the macro definitions
15     for PCRE_MAJOR, PCRE_MINOR, and PCRE_DATE near its start to the values set in
16     configure.in.
18     (3) Compile dftables.c as a stand-alone program, and then run it with
19 nigel 41 the standard output sent to chartables.c. This generates a set of standard
20     character tables.
22 nigel 43 (4) Compile maketables.c, get.c, study.c and pcre.c and link them all
23 nigel 41 together into an object library in whichever form your system keeps such
24     libraries. This is the pcre library (chartables.c gets included by means of an
25     #include directive).
27 nigel 43 (5) Similarly, compile pcreposix.c and link it as the pcreposix library.
28 nigel 41
29 nigel 43 (6) Compile the test program pcretest.c. This needs the functions in the
30 nigel 41 pcre and pcreposix libraries when linking.
32 nigel 43 (7) Run pcretest on the testinput files in the testdata directory, and check
33 nigel 41 that the output matches the corresponding testoutput files. You must use the
34     -i option when checking testinput2.
36     If you have a system without "configure" but where you can use a Makefile, edit
37     Makefile.in to create Makefile, substituting suitable values for the variables
38     at the head of the file.
40     Some help in building a Win32 DLL of PCRE in GnuWin32 environments was
41     contributed by Paul.Sokolovsky@technologist.com. These environments are
42     Mingw32 (http://www.xraylith.wisc.edu/~khan/software/gnu-win32/) and
43     CygWin (http://sourceware.cygnus.com/cygwin/). Paul comments:
45     For CygWin, set CFLAGS=-mno-cygwin, and do 'make dll'. You'll get
46     pcre.dll (containing pcreposix also), libpcre.dll.a, and dynamically
47     linked pgrep and pcretest. If you have /bin/sh, run RunTest (three
48     main test go ok, locale not supported).
50     ****

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